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Our ethical conduct as lawyers is characterized at times by personal courtesy and professional integrity in the fullest sense of those terms in fulfilling our duty to represent a client vigorously as lawyers , we will be mindful of our obligations to the administration of justice, which is a truth-seeking process designed to resolve human and societal problems in a rational, peaceful, and secrets confidences in particular such information protected under the common law attorney-client privilege, and secrets include all information gained in the course of the representation , whether from the client or from another source, that the client has requested be held inviolate, or the disclosure of which would be embarrassing may only be used by the lawyer for the benefit of the client.

We are encouraged by the ethics of our practice, to meet our obligation to each other, to litigants and to the system of justice and thereby achieve the twin goals of civility and professional, both of which are hallmarks of a learned profession dedicated to public service.

We are often work under pressure and tension to meet important court filling deadlines and may use evenings and weekends to prepare for a trial. We keep up with the latest court decisions and other developments within our profession, especially within our field of practice. We advise our clients regarding their legal rights and obligations. Our most fundamental activity is the interpretation of case law and its application to specific issues in cases. Our responsibility to the client and to the court is fully assumed by our commitment to support our client and justice.

We enjoy excellent the necessary writing skills which are essential to write clear and concise briefs and strong communication skills necessary to represent a client and justice. We enjoy excellent the necessary writing kills which are essential to write clear and concise briefs and strong communication skills necessary to represent a client’s interests.

This requires case research of previously applied laws handed down in judicial decisions called precedence. Our attorneys also have to interpret and apply statutes to cases or business transactions; therefore they have the ability to deal effectively with all kinds of people s clients, other attorneys, witnesses and judges and have the integrity to uphold strict rules of professional.

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Legal Sections

Our firm is able to handle everything from small investigations to the most complex litigation. Our trial attorneys are fully experienced in the civil law, family affairs, commercial law and criminal law actions.

Execution of Judgments & Debts Collection

Our law firm is very keen to provide a distinguished and professional legal advices surrounding all aspects to execute the court order issued in favor of its clients and regain their debts from their debtors.

Contracts & Agreements

Whereas a drafted contract is the governor of the legal relation between parties, our legal advisers are experts in drafting business contracts, agency, distributorships, dealer and franchising agreements.

Arbitration & Reconciliation

We specialize in all aspects of local and international arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution processes and are completely familiar with the rules of the international chamber of commerce (ICC).

Labor Disputes

Labor law is the child of industrial revolution and the emergence of the working class. The French civil code used to call “the employment contract” a leasing a person on the basis that the labor is hiring himself.

Bankruptcy & Corporate Re-Construction

Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in the corporate aspects of bankruptcy, planning and negotiating of restructuring and claims trading, distressed asset acquisitions and litigation.

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