Labor Disputes

Labor law is the child of industrial revolution and the emergence of the working class . the French civil code used to call “the employment contract” a leasing a person on the basis that the labor is hiring himself as any commodity and the worker’s charges was governed by the law of demand and offer, in addition the other terms of the contract were under the domination of will without any control or interference from the state . labor law is combined from two parts: the first is related to the labors in public sector and by combing both sections, labor law is viewed as a branch of the mixed law which combine between the rules of common law the private law .

Our legal advisers enjoy wide experiences in all labor dispute whether for the employer or for the employee and in this context, our law firm puts all its feasible experience to give justice for all.

Our legal advisers in this practice area have extensive experience in local and international labor law , drafting local and international employment contracts , employment litigation , employer liability , labor arbitration , temporary employment procedures and workers, compensation.