And whereas all international convention related to civil and political rights declared additionally the right of trial without unjustified or unnecessary delay and the right of fair and open trial before a court of competent jurisdiction set and constituted per the law and whereas the international convention related to economic, social and cultural pointed out to the commitment of these nations in compliance with the united nation regulations to foster the international respect to the human rights and liberty and to enforce these rights . And whereas the ethical codes related to the protection all individuals who are exposed to any kind of custody or imprisonment provide that the person in custody has the right to obtain legal assistance from lawyers and legal consuls and to gain access to them and to obtain their advises and whereas the full protection of human rights and the fundamental freedoms given to all individuals whether economic, cultural, civil or political necessitate that all individual must obtain legal services provided by independent legal professionals.

The legal profession has existed for over two thousand years, legal advocates have played a vital and active role in the formulation and administration of laws . because of their role in society and their close involvement the administration of law , lawyers are subject to special standards, regulation, and liability sometimes called legal ethics, sometimes professional responsibility .

Whereas all the world’s nation asserted in united nations’ convention among other issues, their willingness to find favorable circumstances by which they can maintain justice and they declared that one of their intention is to maintain the international cooperation to foster, encourage and respect human rights and the fundamental liberties without discrimination due to race, language or religion and whereas the international declaration for the human rights embodies the principles of equality in front of the of the court and to presume innocence and the right in a fair and open non-bias and independent trail and in all the necessary warranties and assuredness for defense for each individual who is criminally charged .