Contracts & Agreements

Whereas a drafted contract is the governor of the legal relation between parties , our legal advisers are experts in drafting business contracts, agenc , distributorships , dealer and franchising agreements, particularly the legal requirements and implications of establishing an agency or franchise or licensing operation in the country. we represent a number of national and international licensers and franchisers who operate in Asia and in the GCC countries.

Our firm regularly advises clients on the negotiation and drafting of franchise , distribution , agency and license operation , the use and protection of intellectual property in the context of license and franchising operation , and particular issues facing international franchisers, including property, tax and management performance issues.

We provide legal advice on a wide variety of legal matters to domestic and international business organizations and governments. Our firm consists of experienced attorneys in the areas of domestic and international business law , business litigation , business reorganization , domestic and international taxation , business transfers , buying and selling of business law, family business law, domestic and international joint ventures , privation , and small business law . we also are knowledgeable in such matters as breach of contract and international commercial contracts.