Our law firm practices with a continuing awareness that our role is to advance the legitimate interests of our clients in our dealings with others we do not reflect the ill feelings of our clients . we treat all other parties and witnesses in a civil and courteous manner, not only in court, but also in all other written and oral communications.

Our law firm is aware of the challenges faced by clients, we represent our client as plaintiff or defendant and appear on his behalf before all grades of courts, to plead and pleas, attend investigations, reconsideration of law action and in all official procedures required for the law action.

And whereas the law address all individuals in one tone and has one face, therefore the most important principles decided by the penal code is that no crime will be charged nor punishment will be imposed except only by a express legal text provided by the law, which is the most important fundamental principles of the law provided by the conventions of human rights.

Our firm is increasingly called upon to provide legal assistance in the most complex and rapidly expanding area of law and is considered one of the most efficient and professional attorney at law and is capable of providing a full range of legal services for clients throughout Kuwait and gulf area.

Client are advised in business transactions and personal matters and represented in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution proceedings and given the legal assistance and advises with business and corporate law matters, commercial law and contracts, debt collection, evictions, fraud claims, personal injury, and real estate transactions.